1. What personal information do I need to submit on your website?
You will need to submit your name and professional details, like designation, name of company where you are working and other such, information which is already available on your LinkedIn profile.

2. How LeadThink is different from other Personal Branding websites?
The LeadThink value is capability. And the key differentiator of LeadThink is its credo of making its subscribers successful. The LeadThink objective is that of helping people become successful by aligning their capability to their career aspiration. Personal brand and projecting it is another deliverable of the LeadThink platform. Social media goals of the LeadThink subscriber is developed from the subscriber’s career aspirations. Hence, social media on LeadThink is a strategic activity. That of creating content that builds upon the capability profile of the subscriber and delivering this communication to specific target groups. LeadThink therefore helps its subscribers by creating opportunities for them around their strengths. LeadThink’s credo and objectives and then the actionable plans for their subscribers are all wound around capability. This distinct LeadThink approach, with its intended targeted offering is what a unique platform.

Therefore, LeadThink works strategically both for your career and its positioning, rather than spreading yourself thin and wide in the realm of social media.

3. Do I need to pay any registration/ course fees?
Yes. Please contact Minal Jagtiani on minal@leadthink.org and she will help you with rates. We will publish our rates once we go live. As of now we are in our Pilot Phase, and hence the fees are available on request.

4. Is it for the experienced candidates only?
No! LeadThink is as relevant to a new professional as to the more experienced as also senior leader. The objective of LeadThink is to help support professionals, at any stage of their careers, on their professional aspirations. The sole idea of LeadThink is to make professionals successful. Success is not based on age or experience. The question that will be equally relevant is, ‘What makes you unique and your experience relevant'?
LeadThink, is a profile differentiator while making you recognise, embrace and position your capability in the professional context.

5. I have just completed my graduation, so am I eligible to apply?
Yes, of course! LeadThink will help you create a market for yourself, differentiate yourself from your student-peers and will help you getting access to hirers and recruiters in a more targeted manner. LeadThink enables you to present yourself more confidently to hirers and recruiters. You will sound in control of your career aspirations, helping you to maneuverer conversations during the interview process, around your capability. You will find that the interviewer will then value you through your strengths and capabilities, thereby narrowing and shortening the hiring process. It is a known fact that as employees, we will always emerge successful, when it comes to operating from an area of strength and position of confidence.

6. How would this website help me project my abilities?
That’s a very good question. Once your capabilities are evaluated by the LeadThink Career Strategist, then next step is to project it on social media. The idea is to make you successful and project you on your capabilities. The LeadThink Orchestrators are social media experts. They will guide you and provide solutions that are aligned to your career aspirations and will position your capabilities in a manner that you will get noticed and valued for them. There is a process to achieving this for you. Your projection on social media will be executed in a manner that will highlight your capability, strategically, and not in an ad hoc manner. The LeadThink Orchestrator will help you plan and deliver communication to the external world with a deliberate and focussed approach, one that will only help you strengthen your social equity in the digital world.

7. Will it help me to get a career of my interest?
Yes, that is the aim of LeadThink. To first is to help you recognise your capability. And then help you position it in a strategic way and in a sustained manner. This approach will only yield benefits to you in your career.

8. Will there be online training sessions?
LeadThink is an online platform. The LeadThink Career Strategist will take you through the Career Strategy sessions remotely. Similarly, the LeadThink Orchestrator will also work with you remotely. The Career Strategy sessions are online conversations on your career aspirations, your experience, examining and unravelling your capability and an online assessment test. The LeadThink Orchestrator sessions include understanding of your social media goals, a social media audit of your presence and scenarios that will enable you in your career progression.

9. How long will it take to create my social media image?
This is a question only you can answer. LeadThink provides you with the data, the tools and techniques. How much you need to invest, resources and time, that it is entirely up to you. You need to be committed to the endeavour of creating a brand for yourself. Initially it might seem as a chore, it might seem intimidating. Something that you are not particularly used to doing and you may have some self-doubts, as well. The good news is that you are not alone. And the even better news is that the LeadThink Orchestrator is available to you, to help and hand hold you, to initiate the process with you; make you comfortable with building your brand on social media.

10. Is it necessary to create a social media image? And, how soon should I start to create my social media image?
Your social profile is being created online – whether you like it or not, it is being crafted. And if you are not creating it then someone else is doing that for you! Wouldn’t you rather create an image for yourself that demonstrates your own capability and an authentic you and what you stand for? The sooner you start your efforts in creating your image, the better will it be for you. And, the good news that it is never too late to start. LeadThink is your partner to help you create and craft your personal brand.

11. Where are your offices located?
LeadThink has offices in Singapore and India. The LeadThink Career Strategist and LeadThink Orchestrator are located remotely and are easily accessible through the LeadThink platform.

12. Will LeadThink influence my career decisions?
Yes it will, as it will help you identify your capability which does impact your career decisions. It will help you make smarter career decisions. The whole idea of LeadThink is to make you successful in your professional career.